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AND UA-668 auto tonometer

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Automatic blood pressure monitor A & D UA-668 is designed for use as an individual means of monitoring blood pressure and pulse rate, as well as for dynamic monitoring of these parameters in medical institutions. Thanks to the patented Intellitronics intelligent control system, the tonometer will independently determine the required level of pumping in accordance with the peculiarities of your pressure. The tonometer has a simple and convenient one-button operation. Cuff 22-32 cm. For ease of use, the texts on the instrument and cuff are written in Russian. Complete set of batteries, storage pouch.


Main unit in the case, standard cuff, connecting tube, storage pouch, batteries (AA, R6) - 4 pcs.


For measuring systolic (upper), diastolic (lower) pressure and heart rate (pulse) values.

Precautionary measures

Do not allow the unit to fall or hit hard, as this may cause damage. Do not use the device near a TV, microwave oven, cell phone, X-ray emitter or other device with a strong electromagnetic field.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Not contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration

Turn on the AC power adapter. Plug the adapter plug into the network connector on the back of the instrument. Firmly insert the connector of the connecting tube into the connector located on the side panel of the device. Place a cuff on the shoulder at a distance of 1-2 cm from the elbow. Do not roll up the sleeves of clothes (this can interfere with the flow of blood in the vessels) and do not measure in clothes made of thick fabric. A measurement with a loosely sealed cuff may give unreliable results. It is not allowed to pump the cuff loose or loosely attached to the shoulder, as this may lead to its rupture. Press the START button. The display will show zeros for a few seconds, the device will be monitored. Then, the display will show the symbol 0, and the device will automatically pump up the cuff to the amount of pressure required for the measurement.During inflation, the amount of air pressure in the cuff is displayed on the display in the form of numbers. Attention: if necessary, you can interrupt the measurement by pressing the START button. After the pressure in the cuff reaches the value required for the measurement, the automatic release of air from the cuff will begin, and the symbol will flash - the measurement is in progress. The symbol appears when a pulse is detected. Do not talk or move during the measurement. After the measurement is completed, the remaining air in the cuff is automatically released, and the display shows the blood pressure values ​​(systolic SYS (upper), diastolic DIA (lower)) and pulse simultaneously. Remove the cuff and turn off the device by briefly pressing the START button. If no operation was performed within a minute, the device will turn off automatically. If a series of measurements is carried out, the interval between them must be at least three minutes.

special instructions

How to measure pressure correctly. For the most accurate results, take a rest for 5–10 minutes before measuring. Sit comfortably and place your hand in front of you on the table, palm up. Position your arm so that the cuff is at heart level. Do not move or speak during the measurement. Do not measure immediately after taking a bath, playing sports or other physical exercises. Rest for 20-30 minutes. Try to measure pressure at the same time every day. Always follow the doctor's recommendations.