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Have you ever seen your little mischievous boy tattered? Most likely, a thousand times! The fact is that the baby's hair is still very thin, they are easily confused and damaged. In addition, the children have a particularly delicate and sensitive scalp that requires special care ... All these features are taken into account by the shampoo. A tender age, designed specifically for your favorite children. The natural composition based on cherimoya extract gently cleanses children's hair without overdrying or irritating the scalp. Thyme, ylang-ylang and wheat proteins condense the thin cuticle of the hair, enhancing their natural protection. Lemon and inulin smooth strands, allowing you to comb with pleasure. The shampoo does not sting at all eyes and is completely washed off with water, not remaining in the hair. And they can always lather and hands and legs and the whole body! Bathe with joy! The main active ingredients Chamomile extract as if created to care for the delicate children's hair. It softens, gives extra shine, and at the same time strengthens the structure. Relieves irritation, heals and soothes the scalp. Calendula extract. The fragrant perennial not only soothes the scalp, but also helps the baby to calm down, balances the nervous system. That is why calendula trays are recommended from the first days of life.

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Artesian water, cherimoya extract, vegetable glycerin, wheat protein, xanthan gum, inulin, vegetable lanolin, honeysuckle extract, citric acid, lavender essential oils, ylang-ylang, chamomile, extracts of chamomile, lemon, calendula, thyme.

Dosage and administration

Massage the shampoo into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat the procedure. Avoid getting shampoo in the eyes, in case of contact - wash the eyes with water. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to the components.