Buy Piracetam solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration of 200 mg ml ampoules 5 ml 10 pcs

Piracetam solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration of 200 mg ml ampoules 5 ml 10 pcs

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Capsules contain 0.4 g of piracetam, pills of 0.2 g of piracetam, 20% solution in 5 ml ampoules - 1 g of the drug in 1 ampoule, light pyracetam granules for children - 2 g of piracetam, 50 g of sugar and fillers.

Pharmacological effect

Nootropic agent. It has a positive effect on metabolic processes and blood circulation in the brain. Increases glucose utilization, improves the course of metabolic processes, improves microcirculation in the ischemic zones, inhibits the aggregation of activated platelets. It has a protective effect in brain damage caused by hypoxia, intoxication, electroshock. Improves the integrative activity of the brain. Does not have a sedative and psychostimulating action.


When ingestion quickly and almost completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Cmax in plasma is reached in approximately 30 minutes, in liquor - in 2-8 hours. The apparent Vd is 0.6 l / kg. Does not bind to plasma proteins. It is distributed in all organs and tissues, penetrates through the BBB and the placental barrier. Selectively accumulates in the tissues of the cerebral cortex, mainly in the frontal, parietal and occipital lobes, in the cerebellum and basal ganglia. T1 / 2 from plasma is 4-5 hours, from liquor - 6-8 hours. It is excreted by the kidneys in unchanged form. With renal failure, T1 / 2 increases.


Symptomatic treatment of psychoorganic syndrome, in particular, elderly patients suffering from: Memory loss. Headache. Low concentration of attention and general activity. Mood changes. Behavioral disorders. Gait disturbance. Alzheimer's disease and senile dementia of Alzheimer's type. ischemic stroke), such as: Speech disorders. Violations of the emotional sphere. To increase motor and mental activity. Chronic alcoholism is treated I psychoorganic and withdrawal sindromov.Komatoznye state (and in the recovery period), including after injuries and intoxications cerebral vascular vertigo mozga.Lechenie geneza.Dlya treatment of cortical myoclonus as mono or complex terapii.V complex therapy for sickle cell anemia.


Individual intolerance to piracetam or pyrrolidone derivatives also other components of the drug. Acute stage of hemorrhagic stroke. The final stage of renal failure (with creatinine clearance less than 20 ml / min). Children's age up to 1 year. Pregnancy and lactation. Psychomotor agitation. To use with caution in disorders of hemostasis, extensive surgical interventions.

Precautionary measures

On the part of the digestive system: rarely - dyspeptic symptoms, abdominal pain. From the side of the central nervous system: rarely - nervousness, agitation, irritability, anxiety, sleep disorders, dizziness, headache, tremor; in some cases - weakness, drowsiness.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Adequate and strictly controlled studies of the safety of using piracetam during pregnancy have not been conducted. Application is possible only in cases where the intended benefits to the mother outweigh the possible risk to the fetus. Piracetam, apparently, gets into breast milk. If necessary, use during lactation should decide on the termination of breastfeeding. In experimental animal studies, no negative effects of piracetam on the fetus were identified.

Dosage and administration

Intravenous or intramuscular. In symptomatic treatment of chronic psychoorganic syndrome Depending on the severity of symptoms, 2-4 g are prescribed, gradually increasing the dose to 4-6 g / day, the course of treatment is 10-15 days. In the treatment of the effects of stroke (chronic stage) Assign 4.8 g / day. The course of treatment is 10-15 days, if necessary, repeated courses in 6-8 weeks. In the treatment of comatose conditions, as well as the difficulties of perception in persons with brain injuries. The initial dose is 9-12 g / day, supporting -.2 g / day. The treatment lasts at least 3 weeks. When alcohol withdrawal syndrome 12 g / day. Maintenance dose of 2.4 g / day. Treatment of vertigo and related disorders of balance 2.4-4.8 g per day, a course of 10-15 days. For sickle cell anemia The daily prophylactic dose is 160 mg / kg body weight, divided into four equal doses. During the clearance period - 300 mg / kg intravenously. This dosage can be administered to children from 1 year.Dosing in patients with impaired renal function. Since piracetam is excreted by the kidneys, care should be taken when treating patients with renal insufficiency in accordance with this dosing schedule: Renal failure Creatinine clearance (ml / min) Dosing Norm is greater than 80 Normal dose Light 50-79 / 3 usual doses in 2-3 doses Average 30-49 1/3 usual doses in 2 doses Severe less than 30 1/6 usual doses, once The final stage is contraindicated Elderly patients dose is corrected in the presence of renal insufficiency In case of long-term therapy, the control of the functional state of the kidneys is necessary Dosing to patients with impaired liver function Patients with impaired liver function do not need dose adjustment. Patients with impaired function and kidney and liver dosing is carried out according to the scheme given in the section "Dosing to patients with impaired renal function."

Side effects

Effects that often occur in older patients receiving doses of more than 2.4 g / day. (In most cases, it is possible to achieve a regression of similar symptoms by reducing the dose of the drug): Hyperkinesis. Increased body weight. Nervousness. Drowsiness. Depression. Asthenia. stomach and stomach. Nervous system: Dizziness. Headaches. Ataxia. Balance disturbance. Exacerbation of epilepsy. Insomnia. Motor restraint. Decreased ability to concentrate. Tremor. On the mental side: Confusion. excitement. Anxiety. Hallucinations. Increased sexuality. On the side of the skin: Dermatitis. Tetrils. Rashes. Edema. Others: Worsening of stenocardia. Weight gain. Asthenia.

Interaction with other drugs

A case of interaction of piracetam with simultaneous use with an extract of the thyroid gland containing triiodothyronine and tetraiodothyronine is described, when anxiety, irritability and sleep disorders are noted in the patient. With simultaneous use of thyroid hormones with drugs, central effects may develop - tremor, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, confusion.With the simultaneous use of stimulants of the central nervous system may enhance the stimulating effect. With simultaneous use with neuroleptics, there is an increase in extrapyramidal disorders.

special instructions

With caution used in patients with severe hemostasis, with large surgical operations and severe bleeding; with renal insufficiency. Continuous monitoring of renal function indicators is recommended. In the case of sleep disorders, it is recommended to cancel the evening intake of piracetam by adding this dose to the daily intake.