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Piperazin pills 500mg N10

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Active ingredients

Piperazina adipat

Release form



Piperazine adipat 500 mg

Pharmacological effect

Anthelmintic agent. It has a paralyzing effect on nematodes, disrupting the function of their neuromuscular system.


Ascariasis, enterobiosis.


Organic diseases of the central nervous system, hypersensitivity to piperazine adipate.

Dosage and administration

When ascariasis is taken for 2 days in a row, 2 times / day 1 hour before or 0.5-1 hours after a meal in the following doses: Adults 1.5-2 g; Children: 13-15 years old 1.5 g; 9-12 years 1 g ; 6-8 years 750 mg; 4-5 years 500 mg; 2-3 years 300 mg; up to 1 year 200 mg; It is also possible to use in one day: once from 400 mg to 4 g (depending on age) or 2 times from 200 mg to 2 g. When enterobiasis is used in the same doses for 5 consecutive days, 1-3 cycles of treatment are performed with a 7-day break. In the intervals between cycles, it is recommended to give an enema overnight (to remove pinworms from the rectum): for adults - from 4-5 glasses of water, for children - from 1-3 glasses of water (with addition of sodium bicarbonate and ½ tsp per cup of water) .

Side effects

On the part of the digestive system: nausea, abdominal pain. On the part of the central nervous system: transient headache. In patients with renal insufficiency, the drug may cause neurotoxic complications. In case of overdose, tremor and muscle weakness are possible.


Symptoms: tremor, muscle weakness .; Treatment: gastric lavage, taking activated charcoal or other enterosorbents, the appointment of saline laxatives. If necessary, oxygen and transfusion therapy. With neurological symptoms, thiamine is administered.

Interaction with other drugs

Enhances the severity of extrapyramidal disorders caused by chlorpromazine.

special instructions

The use of piperazine adipate does not require the prior preparation of patients and the appointment of a special diet. Laxatives prescribed only with a tendency to constipation (in the days of receiving piperazine in the evening). In the treatment of enterobiosis, strict adherence to hygienic regime is necessary.