Mexidol dent toothpaste professional whitening 65g

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Toothpaste Mexidol Dent "Professional whitening" activates and regulates the acid-base balance, improves the local blood supply and eliminates local inflammatory processes. Due to its plant base, it destroys the organic base of the plaque and removes it from the tooth enamel without damage.


Papain, licorice extract, emoxypine (Meksidol), xylitol, sorbitol, demineralized water, silicon dioxide, polyethylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, xanthan gum, flavoring, trisodium phosphate, titanium dioxide, perfume oil, preservatives - methylparaben, propylparaben, Trilon B.

Dosage and administration

Apply a small amount of paste on a moistened toothbrush and brush your teeth in a circular massage movements, taking care not to injure the gums. After the procedure, rinse the mouth with water.