Buy Selank nasal drops 0.15% dropper bottle 3 ml

Selank nasal drops 0.15% dropper bottle 3 ml

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Active ingredients



Drops of nasal 0.15% 1 ml of threonyl-lysyl-prolyl-arginyl-prolyl-glycine-proline diacetate 1.5 mg.

Pharmacological effect

Selank, a synthetic analogue of the endogenous peptide of tafttsin, has an original mechanism of neurospecific action on the central nervous system, binds to specific receptors on the membranes of nerve cells. It affects the metabolism of monoamines in the emotiogenic structures of the brain (hypothalamus, diencephalon, cortex of the hemispheres) and the activity of brain enzymes tyrosine and tryptophan hydroxylase. It shows tropism to the serotonergic system, normalizing the level of brain serotonin in conditions of experimentally caused its decrease. Selank stabilizes the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain and increases the stability of the neurons of the cerebral cortex to high-intensity functional loads. The spectrum of the pharmacological action of the drug is dominated by an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effect with a stimulating (activating) component. The drug does not possess hypno-sedative and muscle relaxant properties. It has a positive effect on the mnestic and cognitive functions of the brain, including when they are violated. It activates the processes of learning, memory, analysis and reproduction of information, improves the parameters of attention and short-term memory. Increases motivational stability and adequacy of adaptive behavior. Selank has a vegetotropic effect, improves the vegetative support of activity in conditions of emotional stress, has an optimizing effect on the adaptation reserve of the body. Selank does not reveal an undesirable side and toxic effect at a 200-300-fold increase in dose compared to the ED50. Does not possess embryotoxic, teratogenic, allergenic and local irritating action, does not detect mutagenic properties. The drug has no unwanted long-term effects. Selank does not cause symptoms of drug dependence.


The absolute bioavailability of Selank with intranasal administration is 92.8%. The drug is rapidly absorbed from the nasal mucosa and after 30 seconds is detected in the blood plasma.Plasma concentration decreases progressively within 5-5.5 minutes. Metabolites with intranasal route of administration is not detected. Penetrates into the brain tissue. The drug is quickly distributed to organs and tissues, is found unchanged in well-vascularized organs (liver, kidney, heart). In the daily urine, neither unchanged drug nor metabolites are determined, which is due to the rapid degradation of Selank under the influence of tissue peptidases.


In adults: - in anxiety and anxiety-asthenic disorders that meet the diagnostic criteria for generalized anxiety disorders - neurasthenia - adaptation disorders.


- pregnancy - lactation period - hypersensitivity to the drug.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration

The instillation of the drug in the nasal passages is carried out in a sitting position of the patient with a slightly thrown head, after which for a short time each nostril is clamped with a finger. The effectiveness of absorption can be reduced in the presence of increased secretions of the nasal mucosa. At one time, no more than 2-3 drops are injected into each nostril, which is 300 μg (4 drops - 0.2 ml) -450 μg (6 drops - 0.3 ml). To increase the dose of a single dose of repeated administration of the drug produced after 15 minutes. The optimal single dose - 300-900 mg (4-12 drops), daily - 900-2700 mg (12-36 drops), divided into 3 doses during the day. The duration of the course of the drug is 10-14 days. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after 1-3 weeks.

Side effects

If you are sensitive to the perception of smell and taste when you get the drug from the nasal cavity on the pharyngeal mucosa, unpleasant taste sensations can appear. Perhaps the development of allergic reactions with individual intolerance.


When using Selank due to the rapid degradation of the drug, there are no signs of overdose and intoxication.

Interaction with other drugs

Selank has no effect on the effects of drugs that inhibit and stimulate the central nervous system - haloperidol, pentobarbital, hexobarbital, analeptics.

special instructions

The lack of the drug hypno-sedative and muscle relaxant properties and the presence of a positive effect on cognitive functions allow the use of Selank in people of various professions, including those requiring increased attention and coordination of movements (drivers of vehicles, operators).