Buy Avent breast pump el. philips nat.86878

Avent breast pump el. philips nat.86878

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Philips Avent electric breast pump SCF332 / 01 is designed for mom. A convenient breast pump allows you to express milk while sitting in a comfortable position. The funnel with petals gently massages, providing comfortable pumping. It is necessary to sit and relax comfortably, this stimulates the flow of milk and facilitates the process. The device works from the power supply network. Included: breast pump, nozzle, capacity for milk, nipple, night and day liners for the bra.

Ability to select the optimal mode
• Delicate stimulation mode and three chopping options

Stimulates natural tide and supports milk flow
• Soft massage nozzle leaves feeling warm

Easy to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding
• Natural bottle and teat

Country of manufacture: England


The kit includes:
• Breast pump body: 1 pc.
• Base with tube: 1 pc.
• Nozzle standard size: 1 pc.
• Natural series baby bottle 125 ml: 1 pc.
• Ultra soft nipple for newborns: 1 pc.
• Lid for storing milk: 1 pc.
• Test kit for bra inserts: 2 (2 inserts for daytime and 2 inserts for nighttime) pcs.
• Spare diaphragm: 1 pc.

special instructions

• Breast pump: Polypropylene, Bisphenol-A free *
• Small bottle: Polypropylene, Does not contain bisphenol-A *
• Teat: Silicone, Bisphenol-A Free *

Age: 0-6 months

• No need to lean forward: Squatting in a comfortable position.
• Settings: 3 options settings, 1 stimulation mode
• Soft massage nozzle: Delicate stimulation

Other benefits
• Compact lightweight design
• Easy assembly. Determination of the order of connection of parts by eye
• Compatible with other Philips Avent feeding products
• Ease of cleaning due to the small number of individual parts.
• Simple one-touch operation