Buy Corvalol drops for ingestion 25ml bottle

Corvalol drops for ingestion 25ml bottle

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Active ingredients

Peppermint leaf oil + Phenobarbital + Ethylbromizovalerianat


Drops for oral administration 1 ml of ethyl ether & # 945. -Bromizovalerianic acid 20 mg phenobarbital 18.26 mg peppermint leaf oil 1.42 mg. Excipients: ceramides - 0.5 g, Euxyl PE 9010 preservative (phenoxyethanol - 90%, ethylhexylglycerol - 10%) in terms of phenoxyethanol - 0.9 mg, isopropyl myristate - 7 g, octyldodecanol - 7 g, 7 g of hexyl decyl stearate - 7 g, dimeth, 3 g, and dimethyl docecanol - 7 g; 1 g, propylene glycol - 7 g, macrogol 40 stearate - 1.5 g, glyceryl monostearate - 8.5 g, cetostearyl alcohol (cetyl alcohol - 60%, stearyl alcohol - 40%) - 2 g, disodium edetate - 0.1 g, potassium dihydrogen phosphate - 0.49 g, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate - 0.01 g, purified water - up to 100 g

Pharmacological effect



Combined drug, the action of which is due to the properties of its constituent substances. It has a sedative and antispasmodic effect. Facilitates the onset of natural sleep. Ethyl ester & # 945. -Bromizovalerianovogo acid has a sedative (like the effect of Valerian) and antispasmodic action. Phenobarbital enhances the sedative effect of other components, helps reduce CNS excitation and facilitates the onset of sleep. Peppermint oil has a reflex vasodilating and antispasmodic effect.


Inside, before eating, 15-30 drops, pre-dissolved in a small amount (30-50 ml) of water, 2-3 times / day. A single dose if necessary (for example, with tachycardia) can be increased to 40-50 drops. Children - 3-15 drops / day (depending on the age and clinical picture of the disease). The duration of the drug is determined by the doctor individually.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

During the period of treatment, care must be taken when driving vehicles and engaging in other potentially hazardous activities that require increased concentration and psychomotor reactions.

Side effects

- hypersensitivity - severe hepatic and / or renal failure - lactation period (breastfeeding).

special instructions

- hypersensitivity - severe hepatic and / or renal failure - lactation period (breastfeeding).