Buy Durex Condoms Ultrathin Invizable Emodji N12

Durex Condoms Ultrathin Invizable Emodji N12

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Thin, almost imperceptible with extra rich lubricant, with a storage device. The special anatomical shape of the condom makes donning easier and creates more comfortable sensations. Silicone lubricant reduces friction and makes sexual intercourse more natural. If you like reliability, you should try these condoms! Perfect for those who want to drop all the details and focus only on the partner. Nominal width is 52 mm. Transparent condoms with lubricant, special shape with a hopper. Special anatomical shape "Easy-on". Dermatologically tested. 100% electronic tested

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Transparent natural latex gel lubricant.

Precautionary measures

Please read the instructions inside the package carefully, especially if you are going to use condoms for oral or anal sex. Using Durex Play gel lubricants with condoms can increase sex enjoyment. All Durex Play gel lubricants are safe to use with condoms — unlike masked lubricants that can damage a condom. Dermatologically tested. Condoms are for single use only. If you feel discomfort or irritation while using a condom, discontinue use. If symptoms continue, please consult a doctor. Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.