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Kapsikam ointment 30g

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Active ingredients

Dimethyl sulfoxide

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Active ingredient: dimethyl sulfoxide -50 mg, racemic camphor — 30 mg, gum turpentine — 30 mg, benzyl nicotinate — 20 mg, nonivamide — 2 mg; purified water. Concentration of active substance (s): 132 mg

Pharmacological effect

Combined preparation for external use. It has a local irritating, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.


Data on the pharmacokinetics of the drug Kapsikam not provided.


Muscle and joint pain, as well as a warming ointment for athletes.


Individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, diseases with violations of the integrity of the skin, pregnancy and lactation, baby age.

Precautionary measures

Do not exceed recommended doses.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

The drug is contraindicated for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration

When applied with CAPSICAM ointment as a warming agent in athletes, a small amount of ointment (approximately 2-3 g) is applied to the muscle area with the help of an applicator and rubbed into the skin until slightly reddened. After training, you should wash the ointment from the skin with cool water. When muscle and joint pain -1-3 g of ointment is applied with an applicator to the area of ​​the painful area and lightly rubbed into the skin 2-3 times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the disease, but do not use the drug for more than 10 days without consulting a doctor. After each procedure, wash your hands with cool water and soap!

Side effects

If the skin is sensitive to components of CAPSIC ointment, itching, swelling, or urticaria may occur. It is necessary to stop the use of ointment and consult a doctor. These symptoms disappear after 8-12 hours after discontinuation of the ointment.


Data on drug overdose Kapsikam not provided.

Interaction with other drugs

Data on drug interactions drug Kapsikam not provided.

special instructions

Avoid contact with open wounds and mucous membranes. In order to avoid side effects, it is recommended to pre-apply a small amount of ointment on the skin to determine the sensitivity to the drug.