SOLGAR Kangavites with multivitamins and minerals with a taste of tropical fruits 60

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At any age, the body feels the need for nutrients that stimulate the growth and development of tissues. Important for the prevention of diseases is optimal nutrition and the production of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the required amount. Solgar Kangavites - a formula of multivitamins and minerals, rich in vitamin C, folic acid, biotin, calcium, magnesium. It also contains components such as selenium, chromium and soy lecithin. By stimulating the functions of growth and development, the supplement helps to supply the body with substances necessary for the development and support of tissues and body systems. It promotes the normal functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, as well as the functions of memory and brain functions. Kangavites are available in the form of chewable pills sweetened with fructose and flavored with natural extracts of tropical fruits and vegetables. Multivitamin Kangavites, which also contains citrus bioflavonoids, extracts of broccoli, red beets, carrots, apricots, apples, strawberries and rosehip, satisfies the daily need for vitamins and minerals.

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Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.


It is recommended as a dietary supplement to food - an additional source of vitamins and minerals.

Precautionary measures

Children from 3 years old to 1 tablet, adults take 1-2 pills per day with meals.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Dosage and administration

Children from 3 years old to 1 tablet, adults take 1-2 pills per day with meals.

Interaction with other drugs

Before use, consult with your doctor.