Buy Tampaks kompak tampons super with applik. N16

Tampaks kompak tampons super with applik. N16

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Tampax Compak Super tampons have a sleek and compact applicator for convenience in any situation and a protective skirt that helps prevent leakage for up to 8 hours, providing reliable protection. At the same time, the applicator allows you to correctly position the tampon where you practically will not feel it. Distinctive features of Tampax Pearl: The most smooth applicator provides a comfortable introduction, a unique cord - extra protection. The tampon takes the anatomical shape of the body and protects against leaks, providing comfort. Tampons are designed for moderate and intense discharge.

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A mixture of cotton fiber and viscose, protecting skirt, smooth color applicator, drawstring.


For personal hygiene on critical days. With moderate and intense discharge.

Dosage and administration

It is necessary to regularly change the swab every 4-6 hours. Use only one swab at a time. Choose a tampon that matches your intensity of discharge, and always use the least absorbent tampon that suits you at the moment. If for some reason you did not manage to remove the tampon by yourself, consult a gynecologist.


Contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of individual components. If you have previously experienced TSS (toxic shock syndrome), consult with your doctor before you start using tampons. How to use: Wash your hands, remove the wrap from the swab. Gently pull the inner tube of the applicator from the outer until it clicks. Hold the applicator at the bottom of the outer tube with your index finger and thumb and place its rounded tip on the threshold of the vagina. It is located between the urethra and the anus. Insert the top of the applicator diagonally into the vagina until the index finger and thumb come into contact with the body. Use your index finger to push the bottom of the applicator into the outside. Remove the applicator, throw it in the trash, wash hands.

special instructions

Contraindicated in the postpartum period (until the restoration of the natural cycle).