Water for injection ampoules 5 ml 10 pcs

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Water for injection (Aqua destillata) 5 ml

Pharmacological effect

With the introduction of constantly alternating water and electrolytes, homeostasis is maintained by the kidneys.


As a carrier or dilution solution for the preparation of sterile injectable solutions from powders, lyophilisates and concentrates. It is used for the preparation of sterile solutions, incl. for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous administration


Water for injection as a solvent for drugs is not used if another is indicated as a solvent.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

No contraindications

Dosage and administration

The dosage and rate of administration should be in accordance with the dosage instructions for dilution drugs. Preparation of solutions of drugs using water for injection should be carried out under sterile conditions (opening of ampoules, filling the syringe and containers with drugs).

Side effects

Not described


Not described

Interaction with other drugs

When mixed with other drugs (infusion solutions, concentrates for the preparation of infusions; injection solutions, powders, dry substances for the preparation of injections), visual control of compatibility is necessary (pharmaceutical incompatibility may occur)