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Pyritinol increases pathologically reduced metabolism in the brain by increasing the uptake and utilization of glucose, increases the metabolism of nucleic acids and the release of acetylcholine in the synapses of nerve cells, and improves cholinergic transmission between cells of the nervous tissue.
Pyritinol helps stabilize the structure of the cell membrane of nerve cells and their function by inhibiting lysosome enzymes, thereby preventing the formation of free radicals.
Pyritinol improves the rheological properties of blood, increases the plasticity of red blood cells by increasing the ATP content in their membrane, which leads to a decrease in blood viscosity and an improvement in blood flow.
Pyritinol, improving blood circulation in ischemic areas of the brain, increases their oxygen supply; increases glucose metabolism in primarily ischemic areas of the brain. As a result, memory indices improve and disturbed metabolic processes in the nervous tissue are restored, which contributes to the full functioning of its cells.