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Solgar Glucose Modulator Complex Tablet N60

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The Glucose Modulators Complex was developed by scientists of the Solgar company for people suffering from diabetes. The components that make up this complex are aimed at reducing the level of glucose in the blood and preventing diabetes complications. The Glucose Modulators complex includes chromium, zinc, magnesium, alpha-lipoic acid, vitamins B6 and PP, as well as plant extracts and inulin. Chromium regulates the level of glucose in the blood, enhancing the activity of insulin, and also reduces cravings for sweets, which makes it easier to stick to a diet and lose weight. Zinc stimulates insulin secretion by pancreatic cells and increases insulin glucose. Magnesium plays an important role in the processes of secretion, binding and activation of insulin. Magnesium deficiency in diabetics is quite common (in 25-38% of cases), which leads to a decreased sensitivity of tissues to insulin and provokes cardiovascular disorders (hypertension, arrhythmia). Alpha lipoic acid lowers blood sugar levels, facilitating better absorption and use of glucose. In addition, alpha-lipoic acid has an antioxidant effect. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) regulates carbohydrate metabolism, and nicotinamide (vitamin PP) prevents damage to the pancreas, leading to the loss of the body's ability to produce insulin. Herbal extracts (Chinese bitter melon, fenugreek, green tea) and inulin also help reduce blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes mellitus.

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Individual intolerance to the components of the product, pregnancy and lactation.

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