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Microderil cream 1% 15g

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Active ingredient: Naftifine Concentration of active ingredient (%): 1%

Pharmacological effect

Antifungal agent, refers to the allylamines. The mechanism of action is associated with inhibition of ergosterol biosynthesis, which leads to disruption of the cell wall synthesis of the pathogen. It has a fungicidal effect on dermatophytes, mold fungi, sporotrichosis pathogens. Yeast fungi are fungicidal or fungistatic depending on the specific strain. It has antimicrobial activity against various gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, which are often combined with fungi. It has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces itching. It is characterized by a prolonged action (up to 24 hours).


Data on the pharmacokinetics of the drug is not provided.


fungal infections of smooth skin and skin folds (tinea corporis, tinea inquinalis); interdigital mycoses (tinea manum, tinea pedum); nail fungal infections (onychomycosis); skin candidiasis; pityriasis versicolor; dermatomycosis (with or without itching).


Hypersensitivity to naftifine, benzyl alcohol or other components of the drug; pregnancy and lactation (the safety and efficacy of the drug in this category of patients has not been studied).

Precautionary measures

Do not exceed recommended doses.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration

Outwardly. With skin lesions, Micoderil is applied once a day on the affected skin surface and adjacent areas, after thorough cleaning and drying (capturing approximately 1 cm of healthy skin at the edges of the affected area). 3 The duration of treatment for ringworms is 2–4 weeks (up to 8 weeks if necessary), and 4 weeks for candidiasis. In case of nail lesions, Microderyl is applied 2 times a day on the affected nail. Before the first use of the drug, remove the affected part of the nail as much as possible with scissors or a nail file. The duration of treatment for onychomycosis is up to 6 months. To prevent relapse, treatment should be continued for at least 2 weeks after the disappearance of the clinical symptoms.

Side effects

In some cases, there may be local reactions: dry skin, skin flushing and burning. Side effects are reversible and do not require discontinuation of treatment. If any of the side effects indicated in the instruction are aggravated, or any other side effects not mentioned in the instructions are noted, you should immediately inform your doctor.


No data.

Interaction with other drugs

To date, not known.

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